06 December 2009

✂ - - - en-Tan-gled

I was just trying to pluck a flower. No such luck.

23 November 2009

✂ - - - Birthday Witches

She has started her pre-birthday campaign.
Calling, e-mailing, posting,
reminding everyone
how good and adorable she is.
Can't help noticing.
Help me to help myself.

✂ - - - Mer-Ma-L-Aid

    I ended up @ that place
    I used to look @
    & understand nothing.
    Now I do. What a trap.

17 November 2009

✂ - - - Um-brella, dois-brella, tres-pr'ella

So I sent a card to you, and you, and you.
But I decided to send out one more.
This one.

10 November 2009

✂ - - - Plie

Send me your address.
I want to mail you and you and you a trading card.
Just you and you and you. (3)

08 November 2009

✂ - - - Tipsy Gypsy

I always felt a little crooked to the side,
longing to fit in
where no one does,
ordering breakfast
at Thanksgiving supper.

05 November 2009

✂ - - - lifexchange


25 October 2009

✂ - - - Seriously

is the classical ballerina the dumb blond of dance
or an ultimate nerd, the brain surgeon of movement?
are they removed from reality or simply alienated?

years of painful pliés pointless posés
promising promenades passé passés
and can't barely walk now
but it was beautiful then and it is beautiful now
because is ephemeral
because is trance-like
mea-culpa inflicted to wash away your sins
and make everything magical virginal unreal
unattainable nobility
so stupid from row Z

this is a version of this