29 September 2009

✂ - - - Question

    Who is that one person that makes you realize what true goodness is?
    Not necessarily sweet or warm-fuzzy-friendly, but just fair, compassionate and dignified.
    I'm lucky I recently came across one, and she is an inspiration, a reason to stand up tall despite all.
    I thank her for that.

✂ - - - AD-apt

at the end we are all broken somehow.
who wants to live in a bubble anyway?

24 September 2009

✂ - - - Martha

Estava eu folheando na sala de espera, quando me dou conta de que Living is definitely the magazine for the wrinkled. Fechei de cara. Ainda que algumas propagandas tenham me interessado bastante.

16 September 2009

13 September 2009

✂ - - - Life of the Party

You're welcome.

✂ - - - orragia

10 September 2009

✂ - - - Imperdoaveis Espacos em Branco

Minha sina é esboçar. Com ou sem acentos.
Minha mão é refém.

07 September 2009

✂ - - - sweet

Cakelove gave me some love, free cupcake for my birthday.
Tenho velas douradas e parabens in four languages tambem.

✂ - - - Refund

Damaged Me

Quando voce nasceu, eu, ja avariada pela vida, era essa versao de mim que e a unica que existe aos seus olhos.
Entao a cada vez que seus olhos me olham, isso tudo e mais verdade e menos eu.

Onde desconto tudo isso? Em quem descarrego todos esses anos?
Nestes 153 centimetros, oras. Depois nao sei o porque dessa dor lombar.

Feliz Aniversario pra mim. A chuva caiu durante o carrossel, mas foi legal.

04 September 2009



Brooke Davis Anderson

The readily available materials of stylus and paper have been used by self-taught artists to express themselves for a very long time. Regardless of economics, geography, education, or other conditions (confinement, for example), the beauty of line and the eloquence of the mark dominate the visual experience. Adolf Wölfli, Madge Gill, and Edmond Monsiel, all well-established artists in the canon of art brut, exploit line in their highly mysterious and obsessively detailed compositions. The compulsive, accumulative quality of much of this work, what is known as horror vacui (the need to fill the page), sets the stage for artists working today. Although contemporary versions of obsessive drawing can be more reductive, even quite minimal, the drawings are labor intensive and painstakingly precise, mirroring the methodologies of some of the best art brut.

“Obsessive Drawing” highlights contemporary interpretations of line by five emerging self-taught artists. This is the first museum exhibition in New York to showcase this international group: Eugene Andolsek (USA), Charles Benefiel (USA), Hiroyuki Doi (Japan), Chris Hipkiss (England and France), and Martin Thompson (New Zealand). The immediacy of the art masks painstaking processes, and the act of drawing becomes a surprising necessity. The artists’ motivations for making art are married to their self-taught survival skills to help them cope with illness, loss, loneliness, fear, and regret. Inevitably, though, the process of drawing eventually dominated this motivation, and making marks on a page became captivating, so that it is now an obsession for each man. The lust for line trumps everything. Each artist thus discovers what John Ruskin (1819–1900) said about drawing years ago, that one purpose of drawing was to record things that could not be described in words.

03 September 2009

✂ - - - Supertramp

Pronto. Cheguei a mediocridade tao desejada.

02 September 2009

✂ - - - I wanna be numb

anesthesia rima com hipocrisia
o que nao quer dizer absolutamente nada
as usual

✂ - - - mumbling

Please. Mumble back to me.

Sorry it's been so long. Deveria ter parado ha tempos com resolucoes de ano novo. Mas sou meio lerda. Alias andam me tratando como retardada. Preciso tomar cuidado para nao acabar acreditando.